Sinking In Quixand

I'm throwing my hat into the ring here. I now join the growing masses who wish to talk about the 'opportunity' that is Quixtar.

Friday, January 27, 2006

IBO Facts: Straight Answers To Tough Questions

Whoa! Can this be right? Is "Sinking In Quixand" actually going to finish the series he began so long ago?

Well, not so fast.

Although I'm still an avid Quixtar 'critic', bent on one day bringing down the giant, I just don't have the time or desire to finish this, let alone continue posting regularly. As I said in this post, I've got three beautiful kids who are eager to spend time with their daddy, and time spent continually dumping on Quixtar can be just as bad as a Dad who neglects his kids while trying to build it. That said...Quixtar still sucks.

I'll still keep this site active, and even post from time to time when it suits me but hey, you are all big kids out there. If you haven't figured it out by now then you 'aint gonna. Good luck with your IBOship.

For those of you who are crying in your XS at the news of my not continuing the 'IBO Facts' series, I've got good news. 'Truth' is beginning his own 21 part series on this very thing. His first post on it is quite good.

So have fun. I'll check in again soon I hope. There may be some surprise good news happening in the near future. I'll let you know when it happens.


Friday, October 28, 2005

On My Heart

As many of you know, I work for a church. A pretty large one here in the Pacific Northwest. We have an extremely thriving youth ministry. Just last week our Friday night youth 'hang-out' topped 200 kids! This is a great thing. God is certainly at work in powerful ways and I for one am grateful.

This kind of ministry takes a lot of work. Our youth leadership is top notch. It says a lot about their hard work and commitment when you see the continued growth in spiritual maturity and community that is taking place there.

Being a youth leader is a HUGE commitment. I've seen first hand the amount of time it takes to make it work. I've also seen the toll it can take on a person.

It's been said that the average youth pastor lasts approximately nine months at a church before they burn out. This is sad. Sad for the youth pastor, but even more sad for the kids that have invested their own growth in that persons leadership. I'll say it again, it's a HUGE commitment.

So perhaps this is why I've been thinking about Caleb and Sarah a lot these last few days.

Earlier this week, Qblog posted a link about Caleb and Sarah on his weekly 'Quixtar Chatter' column. Caleb and Sarah are youth pastors here in Washington who have recently celebrated their first anniversary as husband and wife. They have a link on their blog to another blog dedicated to their youth group. It too, looks to be an exciting time of spiritual enrichment for their church. A few days ago Sarah posted about her husband's recent venture into Quixtar IBOship.

She explained that she had reservations about the idea at first but now she thinks she's alright with it. She assured her readers that it wasn't an Amway or 'pyramid thingy', so not to worry. She went on to explain that she trusts her husband and her God and that she is sure that all will work out well. And I believe her.

I also believe that she's still concerned and unsure about all of this. I can tell this by what has happened over the course of time since the original post.

As critics, myself and others immediately commented on her blog to offer words of caution. The pro-camp countered accordingly. It soon got a little finger pointy and perhaps somewhat ugly. She has since deleted our comments and while we may not agree with it, I understand. I for one wish to apologize to both Caleb and Sarah for this as I'm sure that the intent of their blog was not to create a forum for their marital bumps but more, a place for family and friends to share in their life experiences with each other. I read through their entire blog last night and came to the realization that they are a Godly young couple who need the support and encouragement that any newlyweds do and that our bantering back and forth on their blog was neither polite or conducive to their relationship.

Do I still have concerns about their Quixtar involvement? Absolutely. I believe that this is a situation where they will need to take a close look at several issues in the coming months. They will need to decide whether or not making money (a little or a lot) at the expense and failure of others (including friends and family) is a Godly choice. They will need to be in full agreement on this endeavor as it will ultimately affect their marriage and their relationships. And I believe that they will ultimately need to decide on which is more important: their Quixtar business or their youth group. And this is a big deal. If they sincerely love the kids in their group and care about their spiritual growth, they need to be fair to them by deciding quickly which will be their focus. This may sound harsh but experience in both Quixtar and in youth leadership tells me that you cannot do both effectively.

I will continue to pray for Caleb and Sarah and I encourage you all to do the same. Critics or pros, it doesn't matter. Just pray for their discernment and wisdom to be defined by God so that they can decide what is their true calling. This is a big deal that will affect many kids' lives.

As a side note, I'd encourage us also to respect the spirit of their blog. It may seem to go against what we might consider to be a true blog but I really think their intent is to just communicate their lives to family and friends. I truly think they didn't expect this kind of reaction to simply typing the word 'Quixtar' on their blog. That's my opinion though, I could be wrong.

Good luck Caleb and Sarah. God bless.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Fun Game: Extreme Linking!

Here's a fun site. All you IBOs, head over to the Extreme Freedom Team Website to check out what retailing XS and Artistry can achieve.

Retailing...wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sinking In Quixand: One Year Report Card

So yesterday marked the one year anniversary of 'Sinking In Quixand'. I didn't even realize it until this morning when I rolled out of bed around 10am (see yesterdays post). Man, time flies. So I got to thinking, was it worth it? Has this blog accomplished anything for the better? Should it? Am I making a difference? Am I supposed to make a difference? So many questions. So off the cuff, heres the short list of my one year thoughts.

I still don't like Quixtar.

I still think that certain members of my family are being deceived by Quixtar.

I still feel that blogging about the perils of Quixtar is a worthy cause.

I think that I spent more time dwelling on all of the above in the last year than I should have.

Woah, now! Hold up there all you fellow Quixtar critics. I know what your thinking, but hang on. I'm gonna take you into Mordor for a minute but I'll lead you right back into the Shire, I promise.

First, I have a family who deserves the attention of a loving dad and husband. I can recall a few instances over the past year where I was concentrating more time into what my next post was going to be rather than playing on the Xbox with my boy. That's my biggest concern.

It's been said that if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. Well, Looking back on the last years worth of stuff that I've posted, I'd say that even though I had some pretty good offerings, there were times when my posts were mediocre at best.

So for this year, I think I'm going to take a different approach. It's nothing revolutionary. I just feel that I should post when I have something worthy of my time, and yours.

All that said, I want to thank everyone who's stopped by this last year. I've enjoyed helping those I've helped, annoying those I've annoyed, and most of all, being a part of an ever growing voice against the Quixtar "opportunity".

Friday, September 02, 2005

Has it been this long?


I hadn't realized it had been this long without a post. I'm sorry to anyone who's been wondering. I just got back in today from a little camping trip and the month of August was spent in the recording studio producing a CD project for my church. I'll post something tomorrow maybe. For now I need to unpack and get some rest in a real bed (nothing beats your own bed now, does it?).

Take care,


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

I don't subscribe to a newspaper (not because of the inherent evils of the media as those crossing the stage for Quixtar would have you believe) but instead read the headlines online at MSN, CNN, and ESPN. I ran across something quite interesting at MSN Money this morning that I thought was worthy of sharing.

The article, "How to Make a Million Dollars" details nine different ways in which various people have made their fortunes. These are common folks like you and me. A couple of key points jump out in this article that are valuable pieces of information for anyone but especially important I think if you are one of the struggling masses in the IBO community who is beginning to see that something isn't quite right with your business opportunity.

First, the numbers that are provided in the beginning of the article as they pertain to growth in the millionaire population seem to contradict the statistics thrown out by the Quixtar 'brass'. According to the survey by TNS financial services the number of U.S. Millionaires is at an all-time high and a 33% increase over the previous year. Not exactly the horror stories I've heard in the BSMs.

Also interesting to note is that the last of the nine examples of producing a million dollars comes from an MLM (the lady who started Pampered Chef). I think that what separates this type of MLM from the Quixtar 'opportunity' is that it is a true product-based opportunity. They have found a true product and have stuck to it, their consultants adhere to a strict ethics policy, and most importantly, are true to themselves by staying forthcoming with their customer base as to who they are and what they are about.

As a musician, I was somewhat inspired by the story of the guy who wrote the song 'Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." I can totally write a better song than that!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pull Your Head Out of Your Assets!

Having several family and friends involved in the Quixtar 'Opportunity' has given me lots to absorb over the years. I can pick out the familiar 'tapespeak' in a second. One of the classic nuggets of financial wisdom regurgitated by the Quixtar loyal is that our homes are not an asset which of course comes from the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

In his book, Kiyosaki clearly defines an Asset as something that puts money in your pocket while a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket. This fascinates me, and here's why. Every time I've applied for a loan, the bank never lists my house as a liability. But I also like to look at things in reverse.

If we take Kiyosaki's logic that a liability is something that takes money out of your pocket than it's safe to assume the following:

Your Children are a liability
Your Church is a liability
Your local Charity is a liability
The food you eat is a liability
Your Husband/Wife is a liability
Your dog is a liability
Your hobbies are a liability

Is this correct? Does anyone out there feel that their church is a liability? Hopefully you can see the flaws in this line of thinking.

But which category does Quixtar fall into? I suppose if your one of the extremely few making money in Quixtar then it's an asset but for most it certainly falls into the liability category. Isn't it weird that the masses that are loosing great sums of money in Quixtar don't see this?